Weekend health retreat in Lækjarbotnar 2018

Anthroposophic therapists are offering a long weekend health retreat from July 6. - July 9. in the summer of 2018. It will be filled with individual-orientated therapies as well as group work, both based on anthroposophic medicine. The emphasis will be on addressing our warmth, exploring various ways to support our self-healing by using therapies and artistic pursuits.  Our agenda encourages healthy daily rhythms, movement, vegetarian organic nutrition and the surroundings offer various ways of engaging with nature.


This will be an enriching experience in a nurturing place, guided by the sunshine of the long Icelandic summer days.


For further information please contact:

info@healthweeks.is or +3546993095






Our noisy snowplough…ascend, ascends

Clouded mist envelopes to whiteness in equal measure,

heightens the mood

Then finally we´re raised in triumph to summit in light filled air

Vistas horizon above clouds of wool

Glows Helios in yonder blue

Even higher and caped in snow stand twin sentinels at cathedral point

We are mere mortals in understanding such views of beauty

This land of past forged in fire


William James Grigg, Australia

One of the guests in 2014





A holistic and healthy programme

Individual based therapy and artistic workshops

A quite and peaceful surrounding with beautiful nature


info@healthweeks.is   registration@healthweeks.is   Tel.: 00354-692-5756