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Aðalheiður Ásta Jakobsdóttir (Ásta Jakobs) studied Transpersonal Arts in Therapy at Tobias School of Art & Therapy in England 2010-2014 after completing foundation studies from the University of Fine Arts in Akureyri 1992, and Anthroposophical foundation studies at Emerson College in England 1997. She is also a qualified tourist guide from the Official Tourist Guiding School of Iceland with English and French as major languages. Over the last 10 years Ásta has enjoyed many positions at Sólheimar, Eco village and today works mostly in London as a massage therapist and art teacher besides running workshops for small groups, including therapeutic art, movement and holistic well-being.


Aðalheiður J. Ólafsdóttir is a licentiate Homoeopath from The College of Practical Homoeopathy, U.K. (LCPH /2000-2004). She studied Eurythmy at the Institut für Waldorfpädagogik in Witten-Annen, Germany, from 2006 and graduated with a Bachelor and Masters degree in Eurythmy and Eurythmy Therapy from Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft in Alfter, Germany, in 2011 and 2012. She now works as a Eurythmy teacher and therapist at the Lækjarbotnar Waldorfschool and in Skaftholt, home for individuals with disabilities, as well as giving divers courses in social Eurythmy.


Angelika Jaschke has worked since 1988 as a Eurythmy Therapist in her own practice in Dortmund, Germany. During this time she has also worked as a guest-teacher at different Eurythmy schools around the world and has bin the coordinator for the Eurythmy Therapy at the Goetheanum, der Freien Hochshule für Geisteswissenschaft der anthroposophischen Gesellschaft, Switzerland (from 2002). Angelika has qualifications as a mediator, supervisor and in organisational development as well as serving as a board member for the German Eurythmy Therapist Association ( BVHE, 1998-2007), the Umbrella Organisation for Anthroposophical Medicine in Germany (DAMIiD) and the International Coordination of Anthroposophical Medicine (IKAM).


Bjarnheiður Magnúsdóttir has worked as a teacher in public schools, also from 2007 to 2012 as an art therapist at the Waldorf School in Lækjarbotnar. From 2001 to 2006 she worked at the Waldorf Kindergarten Ylur as a kindergarten teacher. At the Öskjuhlíðarskóli in Reykjavik she worked with children with developmental disabilities from 1998 to 2001 and from 2001 to 2011 she was a supervisor for developmentally disabled children and adults during the summer holidays. She has also been a co-worker in Sólheimar Eco Village. During 1986 -1987 she studied at Emerson College in Sussex, England and from 1988 to 1992 she attended the Art Therapy course at the nearby Tobias School of Art. She has attended training and continuing education for art therapy and painting with children from the Waldorf School and has given courses in Waldorf education.


Gerhard Böhme is a registered nurse and an anthroposophic nursing specialists (IFAN) born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 1974 he has been working with care and since 1981 as a trained nurse. 1983-86 he did a training in anthroposophic nursing and has been working inter alia in the following areas: nursing home, in anthroposophical curative education and social therapy in Iceland and Sweden, on hospital wards for internal medicine, amongst others at Vidarkliniken in Järna, Sweden, at health centres for outpatients and homecare, in elderly care and in a private anthroposophical practice in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Gerhard König studied sculpture and Waldorf education in Dornach, Switzerland. After many years of art and craft teaching at various Waldorf schools in Switzerland and in Germany he worked for further 10 years as classroom teacher for children with behavioural problems. He is currently working as Occupational Therapist for disabled adults in Iceland. Alongside his pedagogical activity, Gerhard is also active as a freelance sculptor and he has put on his own exhibitions, which also include land art projects. For many years he has given adult courses in sculpture. Gerhard König lives and works currently in Iceland and is also pursuing his artistic line here in various projects. His concern is to develop and represent the ideal essence of nature and of man in artistic activity.


Guðrún Helga Garðarsdóttir works as a kindergarten teacher at the Waldorf school Sólstafir in Reykjavik. Guðrún graduated in 2009 from the Nordic School of Chirophonetics and until recently she has been practitioner and coordinator at the Therapy Centre in Bolholt, Reykjavík.  During the years 1985-1988 Guðrún studied at Emerson College in Sussex, UK, where she completed the year of Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and two years of music and Werbec singing. She went on to study Eurythmy at the London School of Eurythmy in Peredur, Sussex, from 1990 -1992.


Inga Björk Ingadóttir is a qualified musician and completed her studies of anthroposophical music therapy at the "Musiktherapeutische Arbeitsstätte Berlin" in 2006. She gathered working experience in various institutions in Germany and Austria, i.a. in anthroposophical curative education, in an anthroposophical hospital and in a health center for profoundly disabled people.

She works since 2011 at the Lækjarbotnar Waldorf School, Iceland as a music therapist and a teacher and runs her own music therapy praxis.


Inger Steinunn Steinsson completed a diploma in curative education from the Marjatta Seminar in Denmark in June 2009. The Marjatta Seminar is an internationally recognised social pedagogical course based on the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Inger will complete her studies at the Nordic Chirophonetic school in Iceland in the autumn of 2014. She currently works as a teacher in curative education and handcrafts at the Lækjarbotnar Waldorf School and as a private chirophonetic therapist, working with both children and adults.



Jan Mergelsberg  studied medicine at the Universtity of Witten/Herdecke, with an additional qualification in Integrated Anthoroposphic Medicine. 2010-2014 assistant physician at Paracelsus-Hospital for Anthroposophic Medicine in Unterlengenhardt, Germany. Momentarily taking further education to become a specials in internal medicine at the Siloah-Hospital in Pforzheim.  Graduate in Eurythmy Therapy for doctors in Unterlengenhardt. Further education in rhythmical massage at the Ita-Wegman-Akademie in Graz, Austria.





Sigríður Þorbergsdóttir, born in Mai 1972, Sigríður currently works in the office at Waldorfskólinn í Lækjarbotnum.  She graduated from Verslunarskóli Íslands 1992 (commercial school).  She studied nursing at the University in Iceland and graduated in 1997.  In 2000 Sigríður graduated as a reflexology therapist and is presently continuing her studies in Chirophonetics Therapy.





Sigrún Eiríksdóttir was born and raised in Keflavík, Iceland. After her studies in paramedics in 1993-1994 she graduated as a kindergarten teacher in 2007. Sigrún played for eleven years in the band Kolrassa Krókríðandi, the band released five albums. Sigrún lives in Reykjavík and works as a kindergarten teacher at the Waldorfkindergarten Ylur in Lækjarbotnar.




Sólveig Þorbergsdóttir was born in 1964. She currently has a class of children and also teaches craft at the Lækjarbotnar Waldorfschool. In 1992 Sólveig graduated with a BA in Arts from the HKV in Utrecht, The Netherlands. As a qualified tourist guide she took courses in education at Kennaraháskóli Íslands until 1996 and graduated as a Waldorf teacher in 2007.



Sibylle Bürgel  is a qualified music therapist (SVAKT). She was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. She attended church music studies in Lucerne and worked for several years as a choral and orchestra leader, as well as a piano teacher. In 2001 she commenced a 4-year training in anthroposophic music therapy in Berlin, which was followed by apprenticeship and journeyman years and working as a supervisor in curative education in a children's home in Bonnewitz in Dresden, and later as a music therapist on the psychosomatic ward for children and youth in Havelhöhe in Berlin, as well as 5 years in the Ita Wegman Clinic in Arlesheim. In 2007 she was a music therapist in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Tridhaksa Waldorf School. Since 2013 she is working in a private practice in Basel and in continuing education courses for teachers.





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