All guests are offered the opportunity to take part in workshops during their stay. The following workshops are available:


Artistic work

Painting with watercolours:

In anthroposophical art therapy, wet on wet is usually used. This method, where the flowing colours mix freely on the wet paper, stimulates the imagination and play, where new colours and sharp forms come to shine and disappear again in the dream world of imagination. The process is that which matters most, not the outcome.



Eurythmy is an art of movement with emphasis on time and space. The artist seeks to make that which can be heard either in music or speech visible in his movements. In vital-eurythmy the focus is on increased coordination, posture and flow, which together promote relaxation, deeper breathing and a more balanced pulse.



Through singing one connects to the music within oneself while using the body as an instrument. Using our own voice to create tones moves us in different spheres. Singing in a group creates a harmony where different units form a whole. This totality of sound enlivens and gives joy and strength to those

creating it.



Comments from one of the guests in 2014

“There was so many good things! The meetings every morning were very special moments. The therapists and the treatments were very good. The morning walks were very nice even though a bit too short. The meals were amazing!....I can not choose one thing that I like the most because everything we did was truly great in it´s own way.”

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